Building community one trail at a time.

Trails Have Our Respect, or THOR, a local Chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association. And, we are dirt addicts. We like to not only ride bicycles on dirt trails, but also run and hike. And we want to share these experiences with everyone, so we design, build and maintain many trails in and around Omaha, Bellevue Council Bluffs, Fremont and Lincoln. We keep them mowed, trimmed and safe for all users. We clear downed trees and repair damage caused by erosion and over use. Maybe you thought this was done by the city or state park’s office. Nope, probably our volunteers; just a group of regular folks who want to have good, safe trails to play on.

And what we put in comes back ten-fold. We hold fun events like group bike rides, for adults and kids, we support bicycle races, and we even have certified coaches who teach kids how to ride safely on trails through our DEVO program. It’s always about looking at the future and making sure our trails will be around for a long time for future generations. You should join us!

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Mission Statement

THOR is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to developing and maintaining sustainable off-road recreational trails in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa by providing expertise, manpower and resources.

THOR Goals

  1. Build, promote, and maintain trail systems for public use in accordance with International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) guidelines
  2. Educate trail users about safe and responsible trail use
  3. Educate the public on the existence of multi-user trails in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa
  4. Initiate and nurture open and honest relations with land managers
  5. Promote environmental responsibility and care for public lands
  6. Provide an organization of volunteers and professionals who will:
    – Support and promote public use of the trails
    – Offer expertise in trail building, expansion and maintenance
    – Be positive role models for trail advocacy, use and care