Enclosed Trailer, Revolution Wrap, and Storage Donated to THOR

Posted on April 18, 2016 ยท Posted in Donations

Ask, and thou shall receive! This is a triple whammy of the best kind. Goes to show how generous the cycling community is towards its volunteers. The Trail Leaders have been asking for an enclosed trailer to haul tools and equipment to trail days. Our larger equipment is stored at different locations as well as many of our trimmers and mowers and to gather all of it for a trail day has been a big time suck on our already taxed leaders. When word got out that we were looking to purchase a new trailer, Kent McNeill of Trek Bicycles Stores said if we’d go get it, they had one in Kansas City that hadn’t moved in years. Jeff Schramm, TL at Walnut Creek, went down and got it in good enough shape to haul back here. It’s a 10 x 6, single axle trailer that will be perfect.

Next, to wrap it. That costs thousands. Revolution Wraps to the rescue. The bike-loving owners have committed to wrapping the trailer in exchange for their logo on the trailer! So amazing.

Okay, we have the trailer and the wrap, so where we gonna put it? Renting a space costs hundreds a year, especially a secured, centralized spot. Again, cycling enthusiasts saved the day. Dino’s Storage are giving us space also in exchange for logo placement on the trailer.

The timing of all three donations coming together is just so incredible. Over the next few months, a wrap will be designed and installed and we hope to debut it soon at one of THOR’s events.