How do I join THOR?

Joining is super easy. Simply fill out the membership form at and you’re in!

Please Note: Membership dollars are split between IMBA and THOR. A percentage goes to IMBA to pay for their staff to help us manage our club’s administrative duties better than we ever could.

How do I donate funds to THOR?

Donations added to your IMBA membership is split between IMBA and THOR.   Donations direct thru Paypal or mail are not split with IMBA.  All donations go directly into THOR’s operational budget unless otherwise specified.  You can choose to have funds go to a specific project we are promoting or supporting by clicking this donation link.

Why should I join THOR/IMBA?

Joining THOR also joins you to IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association, our national governing body. As if it wasn’t enough being a part of our local organization of amazing and dedicated volunteers, who take care of and improve the areas where you like to play, there are many more benefits by associated with being a part of IMBA.

IMBA Membership Kit – IMBA members receive a personalized membership card, “propaganda-pack” stickers, subscriptions to IMBA Trail News and discounts on IMBA logo gear. US-resident Members also receive a year subscription to their choice of mountain biking magazines including Bicycling, Dirt Rag digital edition, Mountain Flyer magazine, Switchback digital edition or Velo digital edition. Learn more.

Subaru VIP Program – Save up to $3,300 off MSRP when buying or leasing a new Subaru vehicle. Subaru will also make a contribution for each vehicle purchased to IMBA’s trailbuilding and access efforts. Learn more.

Discounts and Deals – IMBA members enjoy discounts on cycling-related gear and products — save online and off. Please also shop your local IMBA dealers too. Learn more.

Travel Benefits – IMBA Destinations can help you find incredible places to ride, tour operators, skills camps, bike rentals and transport, lodging and great post-ride refueling spots. Learn more.

Insurance Offers – Take advantage of discounted accident and comprehensive health insurance plans made available to IMBA members by our partners Adventure Advocates and Nicholas Hill. Learn more.