Lake Manawa State Park.

The Trail

Manawa S.P. recreational trails are located on the very south-west edge of Lake Manawa State Park. It was under 6-8 feet of water from the Missouri River for the Summer of 2011. Thus many of the trees were weakened. Higher winds and gusts often bring trees down. If wind picks up, leave the trail or don’t enter it.

The trail is being redesigned and built almost completely from the ground up. The sand has firmed up and there are a couple log-built raised treadways to help you along. Some log overs with optional bypasses. The elevated bridge with skinny option has been restored in “No Second Chance”. More trail was recently resurrected on “Long’s Landing” at the far east end. The trail system is between the levee and the Missouri River and flat. The trail is narrower with more choke points than the old trail. Trail users are welcome. Start some new memories at the Lake Manawa trail.

The east loop is currently about 6 miles. Level is easy. The west loop is not being worked on till the east side is completed.

The Venue

Lake Manawa State Park has a lot to offer. It’s mostly known for Lake Manawa, a 772 acre oxbow lake with a maximum depth of only 10 feet. The lake offers a sandy beach, shore-line fishing, boat dock, picnic areas and more. Sailboats and jet skis are common sights on any sunny day. A paved biking path meanders around the lake, perfect for the whole family. Riverbank access to the Missouri River is also available at the west end of the trail head parking lot. Over-night camping is available in designated park areas, complete with modern facilities and electric hook-ups. There is no bathroom or running water at the trail head. Park anywhere in the parking lot. Please pack out all trash.

Getting There

From Omaha, take I-80 east to the Lake Manawa exit (Exit 3) onto South Expressway. Turn LEFT onto US 275/Rt. 92 (S. Omaha Bridge Road). Turn RIGHT at the first light. Turn RIGHT at the stop sign and follow the perimeter road around the lake. At the Missouri River boat ramp access sign, turn right and follow the road to parking lot. The information kiosk is on the south east corner of the parking lot, nearest to the boat ramp.

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Trail Head

To enter the trail, look for single track entrance on the northwest corner of the parking lot or you can enter at the bottom of the entrance road. Follow the trail towards the river. This is the short loop. Once you come back out to the parking lot, look for the THOR kiosk on the south east corner of the parking lot. Follow the double-track into the long loop (the river should be on your right as you enter).

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