Lewis & Clark Monument.

The Trail

Lewis and Clark Monument trails (known locally as L&C) crisscross along a bluff on the edge of Loess Hills. Hills being the dominant feature, this trail system will test lungs and legs. Either you’ll be going up or going down. And it’s all single track trail. The beginning is a blast as you descend down Double D into the abyss. Enjoy the few feet of flat trail at the bottom. From there it’s four more miles of up, down, up, down and then up, up, up.

Loop is approximately 5 miles. Level: Moderate to difficult

The Venue

The Council Bluffs Parks and Rec. Dept. has done a beautiful job renovating the monument! It extends to the edge of a bluff where you can see the river and the Omaha skyline in full view. There are modern bathrooms and running water during the spring and summer seasons. The park hours are 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. year round. The park is monitored by a local city employee who resides in the house at the entrance.

Getting There

Take I-29 to the north side of Council Bluffs. Take the north 25th St exit. Go south to intersection. Take left on Nash Blvd and head east across HWY 92. Road changes to Big Lake Rd. Follow it under a low train bridge (take note bikers that have bikes on top of their cars). Follow road around Big Lake under second train bridge. At the T intersection turn left onto N. 8th St, which will turn into Mynster Springs Rd. Take the next left on Monument Road. Follow it up for a mile and half or so and then take a left into the park at the gate. If you end up on a gravel road, you’ve gone past the park. Park in parking lot inside entrance.

Google Maps directions

Trail Head

From parking lot head back towards entrance gate. To your right is trail entrance and exit. Entrance is the trail closest to the gate.

The old trail head is closed because it used private property (the chutes) to get to the bottom. The land owner does not want the public on her property so please help us stay in good graces and only use THOR approved trails.