Platte River State Park.

Hours for Riding

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, no bikes from 9am-4pm on east trails where horses are ridden. After Labor Day the restriction is mostly the weekends until mid Oct. Watch for the sign at Owens Crossing Bridge if you are still not sure. Remember the old trails on the west side of the park by the cabins are always open to bikes; always watch for hikers.

The Trail

Platte River State Park trails are set in the tree-lined hills above the Platte River. These trails are technically challenging. Be prepared for a healthy chunk of uphill, combined with some sweet downhill action. There is a roller coaster section and a rocky stream bed at the end. With a combination of delicious rolling single track and heart pounding double track, you’ll forget you’re in the Midwest.

Loop is approximately 5 miles. Moderate to difficult.

The Venue

Platte River SP is a great family gathering place. It features many cabins (call ahead to reserve), each in their own semi-private area with a picnic table and fire pit. Or rent a Tee-pee! There is a pool, a pond for paddle boating, tennis courts, modern bathrooms and visitor’s center. At the top of the park is a 5 story observation tower. Warm up your lungs with a climb to the top. You’ll be rewarded with a prime view of the Platte River valley. During spring and summer there are public restrooms at the trail head, complete with showers. Expect to pay a $4 plus tax for a one-day park pass.

Getting There

Take Hwy 50 south from Omaha through Louisville. After going through Louisville, take a right on HWY 66. Watch for the state park sign on the north side. You can also take the Platte exit 426 off of I-80 and head east through South Bend. Park stickers are required upon entrance. They can be purchased at the park office, which is the first building on your left after the ranger station.

Google Maps directions

Trail Head

Once you enter the park, take a right at the ranger station. Follow the road past the observation tower. At the T intersection, follow the sign to Wild Turkey Cabins. Park anywhere in the cul-de-sac. Trail entrance is on the north side of the parking lot. The actual THOR trails are across a creek to the east. Once you enter at the trail head, take a sharp right and follow the trail across a bridge. The trail forks but ends up in the same place. The gully to the right is less steep. At the bottom you’ll pop out in an open area. Go across the bridge. The THOR trail picks up again on the other side and parallels a service road. Take the service road straight east and follow the curve to the right. Take the 2nd left and climb, climb, climb. Keep climbing until you come to another service road T intersection. Single track is awaiting on the other side of the service road.