Wilderness Park.

The Trail – This is a city-managed trail

The trail is primarily single track, with short sections of double track to connect it all together. There are minimal elevation changes in Wilderness Park, but numerous turns, roots and occasional downed trees add a little technical element for those on bikes. That said, even rank beginners can have a blast at Wilderness.

Most people access Wilderness Park at the parking lot located near 1st & Pioneers Blvd, to the East of the Salt Creek bridge. The trail goes south from that point, and is multi-use for approximately the first 1.5 miles. Bikes cross the bridge at approx. 1.5 miles and continue south on the mountain bike trail. Note that two distinct trails – one for mountain bikes, and one for horses – exist on the West side of Salt Creek. Horses and cyclists share some sections of the trail, so exercise due caution in those instances.

The mountain bike trail ends in a parking lot on South 14thStreet, about a mile North of Saltillo road. A shared bike/hike trail continues from 14th street, Southeast to 27th and Saltillo Road. This trail is located to the East of the parking lot, just across 14th street from the lot entrance.

The Wilderness Park bike trail is approximately 10 miles long one-way, and is currently configured as an out-and-back. As a result, cyclists are encouraged to be on the look out for oncoming riders, especially during peak usage times (after work and weekends, primarily), and announce their presence before blind corners using a handlebar-mounted bell.

Level is easy.

The Venue

Wilderness Park is located Southeast of Lincoln, Nebraska, in the Salt Creek flood plain. Highway 77 borders the park on the West, and the new Jamaica North rails-to-trails conversion borders the park on the East. There are no public restrooms, running water or concessions at Wilderness Park, so be sure to bring plenty of water, especially on hot days.

Getting There / Trail Head

There are several entrances to Wilderness in Lincoln. The most common entrance with parking available is the South 14th entrance.

From Lincoln: Take South 14th past Pine Lake Road and two sets of tracks to the Wilderness trailhead (on the right).

From Omaha: Take I-80 to Lincoln, Take US Route 77 South, Turn left onto Old Cheney Road, Turn Right onto South 14th street. Continue on South 14th across two sets of tracks to the Wilderness trailhead (on the right).

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