There are many ways you can volunteer within our organization. One of the biggest ways is to lend a hand on trail days. This page will help prepare you for a trail day as well as provide many other options for volunteering.

THOR Volunteering 101

How do I start?

What are you good at? What skills do you have that will benefit the group? Do you like to dig in the dirt or would you rather put on an event? There are many ways to get involved. So once you know how you want to contribute, now what? Sign up to become a member. That will put you on email communication lists and friend us on Facebook to stay in contact with everyone and get notices of events and trail days. Ok, you’ve done that too, but you’re still wondering how do you actually start DOING something? There are committee chairs listed on our website who lead committees or different groups within the club that do certain tasks. Contact that person via email. Or if you live near a certain trail, contact that trail leader via email and let them know you want to help.

How do I find out about trail days?

For starters, you filled out a form that had your email info on it. Email is our first line of communication. Your email address has been added to a list that’s managed by our Membership Chair. (And not to worry. Your personal information is guarded. It cannot be accessed by anyone other than the Member Chair.) The Trail Leaders (TLs) send a request for volunteers to one address which then blasts all the email addresses in the database and wa-lah: you’re notified. Sometimes the TLs will ask for a specific amount of people to do a certain task and will request that you email him or her back to confirm your participation. It’s important to be there in that instance because you’re being counted on for a particular roll. Other times they will just list what needs to be done, where to meet, what to bring and how long you’ll be out on the trail. TLs will also send volunteer requests to the some of the more popular blogs to generate additional help. And of course the THOR website will have info as well.

What if I don’t have any tools?

Doesn’t matter. There are usually extras.

How long do trail days last?

The TL’s have busy lives and family just like you! They don’t want to be out there laboring all day. So they try to keep it to 3 hours.Plus, they’ll usually have beverages and snacks for afterward. And if things getdone sooner, then there may even be a ride afterwards.

What should I wear?

Depending on your duty, consideration should be made about wearing pants vs shorts, long sleeves vs short sleeves. Definitely always wear appropriate footwear and eye protection. A hydration pack is recommended for proper hydration and to keep your hands free while you work.

What do I do when I arrive at a trail day?

Check in with the TL. If you arrive after everyone has gone into the trees, just be sure to check in afterwards so the TL can log your hours.

What if I’m out riding and come across a problem area on the trail?

If you can move a branch or fill a hole yourself, by all means! We are trail advocates every time we are on the trail. But if the situation requires more than you can handle alone, get in touch with the TL of that trail via email or the trail alert button. NEVER cut down logs or create your own re-routes. Always contact the TL. We have to abide bystrict IMBA codes and if we fail, we are liable.

This is awesome. How can I get my friends involved?

For starters, you can send them to where they can sign up. Also you can bring them to a trail day.

Aside from crew member, there are other ways to contribute to our club. If you have any questions feel free to contact anyone on our contacts page on our website.  Contact persons found here.

Trail Crew – help build and maintain trails
Committee Member – join one of the (5) committees.

  • Marketing – help get the word out
  • Social – help with events
  • Finance – help fund raising
  • Trail Crew – help work on trails
  • Membership – help keep track of members

Communications – send out eblasts, update social sites and website
Political Advocate – write letters to political leaders on our behalf
Grant Writer – write grants to apply for funding
Grill Master – grill brats, burgers, dogs at THOR events
Carpenter – help build bridges, kiosks and structures for the trails
Retailer Liaison – deliver THOR brochures, membership applications, event flyer’s etc to local retailers
Kiosk Masters – make sure local trailwork/trail condition signs are updated on THOR kiosks
Beverage Boss – purchase & bring snacks and beverages for crew consumption after trail work (costs will be reimbursed by THOR)
Photographer – take pictures of nature, people out on the trails, THOR events, trailbuilding etc.
Legal Advisor – we occasionally need legal advice on wording for bylaws, waivers etc.
Corporate Volunteers – bring your company out for trail building fun and help improve the community where you do business!!!
School Liaisons – get information about THOR to local grade schools, high schools or Universities, all of which have mandatory community service hours they have to complete during the year